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Thirty-three-year-old emirati designer eng Malak Ali Hassan is actively involved in sustainable construction,with the aim of establishing a green organisation made up of female architects and designers to push the case for eco-friendly buildings in the UAE.

Ranked the 85th most powerful Arab woman by Forbes magazine, Eng Hassan is the owner and CEO of architecture consultancy firm 3Dimension Engineering Services, which launched its energy-efficient “Green Pre-designed Villa Concept” earlier this year.

Eng Hassan’s green designs use insulating building blocks,clever shading and a garden irrigated using recycled water.The company offers buyers two options: buy the designs and build their own eco-friendly home, or take a turnkey option and allow 3Dimension to build it all, including interior design and space planning. Villas take about eight months to build.

In an exclusive interview with BGreen, Eng Hassan shares her company’s vision to be part of the wheel of sustainable development in the UAE and the wider region.

3Dimension unveiled the green pre-designed villa concept earlier this year. How have things moved on since then? We planned the pre-designed green villas based on our objective to promote smarter water usage and to reduce energy consumption, while ensuring that only sustainable building materials are used, with minimal impact on the environment. Our green villas are ergonomically feasible, environment-friendly and socio-economically viable.

Some of our concepts are exclusively for Emirati families, which may be developed by the UAE government, private companies  or  individuals.  Other  projects  are  aimed  at providing affordable housing to low-income people, widows and divorcees. We have also developed a concept to support refugees from war-torn countries and areas affected by natural disasters.


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